Prof.Dr. Dr. h.c. Hermann Goltz


From 1992, Hermann Goltz was a full professor of confessional studies of the Orthodox churches at the Faculty of Theology at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, where he founded the Mesrop Centre for Armenian Studies in 1998. He researched, taught and published on the theology, art, and culture of the Orthodox churches, in particular on Greek-Slavic Orthodoxy and the Armenian Church. Hermann Goltz substantially initiated the establishment of the Lepsiushaus Potsdam and laid the foundations for its current form with his work in the Lepsiushaus Potsdam e.V. support association from 1998–2010.

Rolf Hosfeld


Von 2011–2021, Rolf Hosfeld was the director of the Lepsiushaus Potsdam. Under his leadership, the work of the house focused on the life of Johannes Lepsius and the history of the genocide perpetrated against the Armenians. Numerous publications, and more than 160 events, record this period of the work of the Lepsiushaus. In addition, Rolf Hosfeld fostered an international network of cooperation partners that continues to link the Lepsiushaus Potsdam to the ongoing research on the Armenian genocide and humanitarianism around 1900.